Sep 29

John Kenn Mortensen

Since childhood, I’ve loved Edward Gorey. As I said in a previous post: “Gorey marked us with a dark worldliness that was more profound than the standard images of werewolves and shambling corpses we found in movies and comics.”

John Kenn Mortensen surely seems to have been deeply influenced by Gorey, as well. He adds a bit more of a modern sensibility to his finely crafted drawings, but somehow he still seems grounded in an earlier era of black veiled sick rooms, gas-lit alleyways, and haunted cottages.

Mortensen, according to his blog, writes and directs TV shows for kids. In his spare time, he makes exquisitely morbid little sketches on Post-It notes. He has published two collections of his work: Post-It Monsters, and More Post-It Monsters. He’s brilliant.

Check out his work at:



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