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Aug 10

Monsters are not Superheroes, Part 2

Superhero movies are built around action; things must blow up, heroes must fly through the air improbably, and the world must be rescued. Horror movies are built around scares; things jump out of the darkness, characters die horribly, and happy endings are optional.

Aug 02

Monsters are not Superheroes, Part 1

Nobody ever has a nightmare where Superman is coming to kill them.

May 04

The Most Overrated Horror Movies Ever

There are some horror films that are just “OK”, not great, but some critics overestimate their worth.

Mar 31

I Told You So, Part Seven

I don’t know what’s worse: a) The notion of a Van Helsing re-boot starring Tom Cruise b) Van Helsing trying to “understand” the monsters, or c) the air quotes around monster movies. Obviously, Universal is trying to get on the Avengers/Justice League bandwagon and create a franchise of freestanding movies blending together with all-star team …

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Apr 22

The 100 Best Horror Films


Here’s one of the better “Best” lists I’ve seen for horror movies. It should be a good list, the judges were people like Guillermo Del Toro, Alice Cooper, Simon Pegg, and Clive Barker. The thing I love about it is the plenitude of foreign films and even oddball picks, like Come and See (1985) (pictured …

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Nov 06

Get a Clue, Universal Studios


I have repeatedly made the case on this blog that Universal Studios is squandering one of it’s greatest assets: it’s legacy of classic monsters. Recent comments by studio head Ron Meyer give us an insight into why this might be.

Oct 24

Best Post 9/11 Horror Films


If there was one overriding trend the last ten years, it was remakes. For the most part, it was an unfortunate trend, wasting millions of studio dollars on terrible or pointless movies.

Oct 23

The Art of Universal Monster Movies

phantom of the opera poster

Sep 06

The Politics of Horror Movies

Night of the Living Dead Rednecks

Most of the failed attempts to politicize horror movies are due to confusion between The Social versus The Political.

Sep 06

9 Bad Vampire Movies

Here’s a pretty good list of “9 Vampire Movies that Ruined the Genre.” Can’t disagree with most of the choices, except Near Dark (1987), which I think is a minor classic. Lance Henrikson as a vampire cult leader? That’s a slam-dunk. Here’s my take on Twilight, BTW. And my favorite Vampire Movie.

Jan 13

Black Swan


Black Swan deftly combines some very old gothic conventions – the doppelganger, a heroine pursued by shadowy figures, and the cannibalistic mother – to create an operatic horror movie of the highest quality.

Nov 01

Scary? Or Creepy?

lost highway

Great horror movies are subversive. They undermine the status quo.

Sep 12

The War Game


The War Game is the most harrowing film ever made about nuclear war; it makes The Day After look like a Disney movie.

Jul 11

The Old Dark House


The Old Dark House is more of a comedy than a Horror film, but it’s a comedy laced with moments of horror and suspense. In fact, it’s sort of a Screwball Horror Movie, if there is such a thing.

Jun 17

The Golden Age of Horror Movies


In the 1960s, Horror as Art was the rule, and that is why the 1960s ruled as the Golden Age of Horror Movies.

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