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Aug 10

Monsters are not Superheroes, Part 2

Superhero movies are built around action; things must blow up, heroes must fly through the air improbably, and the world must be rescued. Horror movies are built around scares; things jump out of the darkness, characters die horribly, and happy endings are optional.

Jun 23

My Favorite Vampire Movie


Did you hate Twilight? Blood for Dracula is the anti-Twilight.

Jan 10

The First Sexy Vampire Film

Conde Dracula

DrĂ¡cula can claim its place in history as the first sexy vampire film, thanks mainly to the female lead, Lupita Tovar and her costumer.

Jan 04

Further Thoughts on Dracula (1931) and Sound

How many movies have become instant classics based on the delivery of a memorable line? I think this was the moment when Dracula became not only a hit but a cultural touchstone.

Dec 03

Universal Horror in the 1940s

In my last post I referred to Son of Frankenstein (1939) as the “last great Universal Horror movie.” I wrote that assuming someone might say: “But what about The Wolfman?” (I didn’t assume anyone would retort: “But what about “The Son of Dracula?”) The Wolfman (1941) is a fine film, one that created an icon …

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Nov 18

Vampyr (1932) Dracula (1931)


Carl Dreyer’s Vampyr (1932) carries a hefty artistic repuation, primarily for it’s imaginative use of light and camera tricks to convey an atmosphere of unworldly mystery. After a recent viewing of the Criterion reissue, I have to conclude that is all it has to recommend it. There are undeniable moments of power and brilliance in …

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